4 ways to increase your website rankings

4 Steps to Increase Your Website’s Ranking and Dominate on 1st page of Google’s Result page.

1. Choosing the right keywords that will match your business – before creating a website for your business you need to research first on the keywords that you are going to use on your website. Choosing the right set of keywords is the most important factor of SEO to find you better on search engine results page. Choose a keywords that you feel you are confident you can help your potential customers solve their problems. You must be an expert of the keyword that you chose. Keep in mind that people are looking for a solution, so if they land to your site and ask any questions, you must answer it, otherwise they will go to your competitors that they think can solve their problems. Don’t choose a keywords that you are not yet an expert. Keep learning new things and ideas about the niche that you are choosing, this will help you boost your confidence and can be a better problem solver to the people.

2. Purchased a Domain name that will match to your targeted keywords (EMD) – your domain name should matched to any keywords that you chose. This tells google that you are the expert of that niche. I know for some SEO Specialists they said that having a keywords on your domain nowadays is not effective and it will not have any impact in SEO, but for me it’s not true. Based on my experience from my own website which is http://www.tarpaulinlayout.com.ph by doing SEO on it I am able to ranked this site in first page of google for many targeted keywords and of course using the keywords in my domain name. I have also 1 keyword that ranked no.1, this keyword is “wedding tarpaulin layout”. You have notice that the keyword and my domain name is the same right? You have noticed also on my website the TLD is .com.ph, this tells google that I am targeting only the people from the Philippines. So it’s also important to have this specific TLD so that you can focus on servicing specific country or area that you think you can get a real targeted customers.

3. Write a Quality Content for pages – Write a content that has your targeted keywords. Add the keywords to the content naturally. Do not spam the keywords to the entire site. Make it readable for an average reader and make it in friendly tone. If you cannot write a contents, hire a writer or outsource it to any Freelancing websites. For my website that ranked no.1 in google I outsourced it to iWriter.com. The nice thing in iWriter.com is “you will never pay a dime until you are 100% satisfied”. Believed it or not the no.1 reason why I ranked many keywords in first page and ranked no.1 in search results page is because of the contents of my website are from iWriter.com. I know that this is the biggest factor of my website in SEO because I am not doing any backlinks anymore. In fact I have only 6 no-follow backlinks. Do not forget to add images to your content 1 to 2 images is fine as long as you put a keywords to the alt attribute of the image.

4. Make Your Website Interactive – The other important factor of SEO is making your website interactive. Adding a comment, email, social share, social comments, forums and chat sections to your website will really boost the ranking of your website. If you have these features in your website then people will make them stay longer in your website which will decrease your bounce rate and increase your rankings more and more because people are interacting to each other asking questions and providing solutions to any problems.

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